What do you see?

Mulatto, hybrid, half breed, Halfer, white washed black girl, light skinned black girl…brown skinned, mixed girl, bi-racial, black girl.

These are the terms i have been referenced to over my lifetime. Depending on where you were raised or how you were conditioned to think, one or many of these terms would be considered the social norm and some of these terms are.

I haven’t batted an eye to many of these terms i mean after all it is easier to explain something with a specification, however, some terms are outdated and hold no ground. Choose wisely. Does it make sense to you? Does it make sense to the times? It is a hard swallow every time i hear another ill mouth speak in ignorance. If you’re not sure just ask. I know this whole world is offended right now .. you’re thinking not another rant but i’m just keeping it real. This is my reality…

I am Half Italian and Half Nigerian by DNA (aka Black & White) but honestly I’m Canadian. Some days i feel more of one culture than another but i mostly just feel like a human. Having to defend being more of one culture than the other or prove anything to anybody

is over. I am what i am. Whatever style, strength, or weakness is how i am suppose to be.

I am the bridge, the encompassing of two worlds, the blend of fake walls & the voice of everything caught in between



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