Intuition is strongest in stillness. It is the breeze you feel up your spine and the tickle in the pit of your stomach. It talks first when a question is asked before the noise of mind can interfere. Intuition is the subtle hints tied to a string of knowingness that dwells within the infinite water of you.

Intuition is the gentle whispers of your ancestors; it has conviction in knowing that wisdom has been delivered to you from your sacred eternal system. The quiet voice. The inner knowing without knowing how.  Intuition is the cosmic compass, the ethereal antenna streaming knowledge from the heavens and the earth – “as above so below”. 

Intuition is the sensations that speak in your vibrations, the ringing of knowledge and the receptivity of higher frequency. This can be strengthened through the practice of mental quietness and you can exercise its feeling like a muscle. Intuition produces invisible notions tangible and a language seemingly never scripted. Intuition is a powerful tool to the human experience and has been given to all of us. 

Some innately have it turned on and dialled up, while others don’t have interest in the awareness. For some, intuition may appear blocked and this can occur from past experiences such as ancestral wounds or trauma. However, access is possible to those willing to do the work/ healing by releasing and clearing to create flow again. Intuition is worth it.