About Sashae’

Sasha Spronk, professionally known as Sashae’, is a singer/songwriter and story curator. Her most recent single ” Between the Lines” a whimsical soundtrack is available now! She is a Canadian wellness practitioner at an award winning clinic “The Samadhi Tree” and there she practices the healing arts of Reiki, Iridology, Intuitive coaching and sound therapy. She also makes hand crafted jewellery.

As an avid mind, body and soul advocate she believes “It’s all about balance, and I truly make efforts to stay connected to the earth and myself through music, meditation, nature, dance & creativity.”

Sashae’ often refers to herself as a ‘spiritual warrior’, a survivor of many trials that have fostered great resilience, perseverance, and the will to create. Adopted into a family outside of her heritage upon birth, she grew up learning to adapt and accept the tragic history of her birth family. Sashae’ started writing around age 11 to channel out the internal suppression of her emotions. She often felt like a conduit of expressive energy in many facets. Her art comes from her experiences but also from the unseen realms or the unheard.

This is soul music to me. “Soul music is what I am, and I am here to stay.”

Over the past 6 years, Sashae’ has performed at Canadian events such as Globalfest, Sofar Sounds, and Market Collective, in addition to her ongoing performances with Broadview Homes in Calgary, Alberta and along with various local venues across Western Canada.

In early 2019 Sashae’ had her first commercial breakthrough while releasing her 2nd single “Worth It”. While the video went semi-viral and has been viewed over 10, 000 times, the song has been streamed over 20,000 times via digital streaming providers, notable Spotify with roughly 11,000 streams to date.

Her mission is to continue to progress and spread authentic energy, as her music works to ground the listener with soothing melodies and sultry tones, all while speaking lyrically from her personal insights and life experiences. Thank you for listening to and supporting Sashae’ music.